Financial Arrangements

Your hospital bill

Your bill reflects all of the services you receive during your stay. Charges fall into two categories:

A basic daily rate that includes your hospital room, meals, nursing care, housekeeping and general upkeep costs.

Charges for specific services that include items your physician orders for you, including medications, anesthesia, oxygen, special treatments, dressings, and X-rays or laboratory tests.

All of the services reflected as charges on your bill were ordered by your doctor(s) for specific reasons.

In addition to your hospital bill, you will receive bills from doctors who independently bill for their services. These bills will be for doctors who directly cared for you and doctors who you did not see in person. These bills are for professional services rendered by these doctors in diagnosing and interpreting test results while you were a patient.

Pathologists, radiologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) and other specialists perform these services and are required to submit separate bills. If you have questions about these bills, please call the number printed on the statement(s) you receive from them.

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