Lactation Services

A better breastfeeding experience

At Prisma Health, we offer support and guidance for new mothers in deciding if breastfeeding is best for you and your baby.

Lactation consultants and educators are highly qualified and committed to helping you throughout your entire experience. A knowledgeable, considerate lactation specialist will be available to help you in the privacy of your room during your stay. After leaving the hospital, we offer a helpline to guide you through any challenges and, if necessary, our lactation specialists will schedule follow-up visits for additional assistance.

Call our breastfeeding helpline

Have a question about lactation? Our lactation specialists are available via our helpline and will gladly coach you through any breastfeeding troubles or concerns.

  • Prisma Health Baptist Hospital: 803-296-5379
  • Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital: 803-907-3101 
  • Prisma Health Richland Hospital: 803-434-6541​
  • Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital: 803-774-8866

Lactation boutiques at Prisma Health hospitals

For your convenience, our boutiques offer:

  • Medela breast pump rentals
  • Medela breast pump sales
  • Breastfeeding equipment and supplies
  • Nursing bras and mommy apparel
  • Bra fittings
Prisma Health Baptist Hospital
  • Location: 4th floor, in front of elevator A
  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Phone: 803-296-2372
Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital
  • Location: 3rd floor
  • Hours: Please call for available hours
  • Phone: 803-907-3416
Prisma Health Richland Hospital
  • Location: 4th floor lobby
  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Phone: 803-434-3577
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