Understanding Bariatric Surgery

How bariatric surgery can work for you

At Prisma Health Weight Management Center, we have compiled information to help you better understand bariatric surgery, including the types of procedures we offer and the ideal candidate for surgery.

Could I be a candidate for bariatric surgery?

Not everyone is a candidate for weight loss surgery, but generally these are the main requirements:

  • Adult, age 18-65 years
  • BMI over 35 with comorbid disease(s)
  • BMI over 40
  • Failed multiple attempts at non-surgical weight loss
  • Life-long commitment to make changes in lifestyle and habits
  • Exhibiting emotional stability
  • An understanding and commitment to follow nutritional requirements after surgery in order to avoid malnutrition
  • Physically able to undergo abdominal surgery

Every patient is different. If you feel you are a candidate and are interested in weight loss surgery, please contact our office today to discuss your weight and health goals at 803-376-5982.

What is bariatric surgery?
Bariatric Surgery Video

Bariatric surgery is surgery performed the help an individual lose weight. There are three categories of bariatric, or weight loss surgery:

  • Restrictive – reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold but doesn't interfere with normal digestion of food and nutrients.
  • Malabsorptive – shortens the digestive tract to limit the number of calories and nutrients that can be absorbed.
  • Combination – restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold and reduces the number of calories absorbed by the digestive tract.

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Weight loss options

Our surgeons at Prisma Health Weight Management Center perform the following bariatric procedures:

da Vinci® Surgical System

At Prisma Health Weight Management Center, many of our bariatric procedures are performed using the da Vinci® Robotic-Assisted Surgical System. da Vinci® is the most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery and allows for improved visualization of the anatomy and enhanced dexterity of the surgical instruments by the surgeon.

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Which procedure is right for me?

No procedure is right for every person, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both procedures. You and your surgeon will discuss your individual medical considerations and the risks and benefits of each procedure. Together you will decide if weight-loss surgery is appropriate for you and which procedure might be better suited for you.