ThinkFirst Adult

Helping prevent injuries

Educating older adults concerned about falling

ThinkFirst to Prevent Falls is an educational program offered by Prisma Health Trauma Center to educate older adults concerned about falling. Our program is aimed to help older adults (or any adult at risk for falls) recognize their risk factors for falls and implement strategies to prevent falls.

The aging process affects visual, cognitive and psychomotor skills, and even simple tasks of daily living can put older adults at risk for injury. ThinkFirst offers eductational sessions to faith-based organizations, senior centers and at community events.

ThinkFirstWhat is included in a ThinkFirst To Prevent Falls session?

  • A 1-hour interactive presentation, consisting of:
    • An overview of risk factors that contribute to falls
    • Discussion on minimizing falls in the home
    • Talking with physician
    • Nutrition
    • Medications
  • Exercise demonstration
  • Handouts
  • Healthy snacks (optional)

*This presentation requires AV equipment and space for exercises.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact:

Lara Peck, MPH, MCHES
Injury Prevention Coordinator
Prisma Health Richland Hospital Trauma Center
Phone: 803-434-6231

View the Trauma Association of South Carolina falls prevention brochure (PDF) here. For more information, visit the national ThinkFirst website.

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