Nurse Navigators

A support system for our patients

At Prisma Health, our Nurse Navigators are patient educators and care guides who are on a mission to improve the cancer treatment experience for our patients. Nurse Navigators are a support system for our patients and their families at a critical time - after a cancer diagnosis and through treatment.

Cancer Center Nurse Navigators

  • Educate and support each patient empowering them to make informed treatment decisions
  • Navigate patients through diagnostic evaluation and cancer treatment
  • Coordinate the interdisciplinary team cancer care conferences
  • Tiffany WinslowTiffany Winslow, RN, BSNBreast Cancer Nurse Navigator803-296-8576
  • Sue Whitlock, RNSue Whitlock, RN, BSN, OCNBreast Cancer Nurse Navigator803-296-2378
  • Julie DawsonJulie Dawson, RN, BSN, OCN, CMS RNGYN Cancer Nurse Navigator803-296-8573
  • Dawn B. BowersDawn B. Bowers, RN, CMS RNThoracic and GI Cancer Nurse Navigator803-296-8571
  • Joan M. CobbJoan M. Cobb, RN, BSN, OCNUrology Cancer Nurse Navigator803-296-8572
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