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What is this rash?

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Rashes can come on fast and disappear just as quickly, so it can be hard to know when you should be concerned. Prisma Health nurse practitioner Katie Schill offers some advice on when to seek care for a rash.
“We often see an increased number of rashes during the summer, with increased heat and time spent outside,” she said. “Many rashes look alike and can be hard to differentiate, even for providers.”
She said it’s time to seek medical care if your rash has any of these qualities: 

  • Your rash is sudden and spreads rapidly. This is commonly seen with allergies. If you develop difficulty breathing, call 911 and seek emergency medical care.
  • You develop a fever with the rash.
  • The rash covers your entire body.
  • Your rash is worsening and appears infected, redder than it was, hot to the touch, or there is yellow or green drainage.
  • Your rash is painful.
Katie said it’s fine to see your primary care or same-day care provider and they can refer you to a dermatologist if necessary.

Same-Day Care

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