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What do to about nagging knee pain

Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedic Center
Joint or muscle pain can put a damper on your plans, especially if you’re used to being active. Jeffrey Guy, MD, Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedic Center, said joint pain is often the result of an old injury or it can be part of getting older. He offered some advice on what to do and how to prevent orthopedic issues in the future. 
Dr. Guy said orthopedic injuries are very common. “People get injured all the time. They’re living longer and participate in all kinds of different activities.” If you get injured, he recommends these steps:    
  • Take an anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Use RICE, which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. 
  • Modify your activity. 
“A lot of people like to push through and think more is better,” said Dr. Guy. “They think they’ve got keep going. But overuse injuries are some of the things we see a lot of these days. I see people doing a little too much and pushing through things. Doing that will set you back.”
Dr. Guy said if RICE and the other steps don’t help, it might be time to see a doctor. Especially if you experience swelling that doesn’t go away or a change in your range of motion. “If you’ve altered your daily function – you can't bend your elbow anymore or you can't put weight on your knee or ankle – if you're not getting better with the basic things, seeing your primary care doctor or getting them to send you to an orthopedic specialist is a good idea.” 
Dr. Guy said orthopedic injuries often can be prevented. “When people start becoming active or start a new activity, they should progress gradually in those activities.” To prevent injuries, he recommends following these basic rules:
  • Eat well 
  • Exercise 
  • Use moderation 
“You can't work out six days a week on the same body part. Modify your activities. Bike sometimes instead of running every day. Cross-train and don’t take big jumps in your exercise routines,” he said.

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