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April 25, 2018

Put your best foot forward

Ryan Putnam, MD
Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedic Center

As the weather gets warmer, flip flops become a popular choice of footwear, especially around the pool or beach. It is very important to protect your feet, and not wearing the proper footwear can lead to unintentional injury. These injuries include burns and blisters that can eventually turn into larger and more complicated wounds. Here are some tips to protect your feet from Ryan M. Putnam, MD, foot and ankle specialist with Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedic Center.

Finding the right footwear for summer is important. There are many shoe options that can be both comfortable and fashionable, but making the right choice is crucial. 

  • For women, avoid buying narrow shoes that are tight and pointy
  • Choosing a low heel height will help to reduce pressure on the front of your feet
  • Many flip flops lack necessary arch support, which can lead to foot fatigue and pain
  • Choose flip flops with deeper insoles, heel cups and proper straps to minimize pain and injury
Warm weather also brings more opportunities to exercise. Resuming physical activity during the summer can be enough to cause foot and ankle injuries. Stretching your entire body, including your feet and calves is critical. When resuming exercise, make sure to start off slowly and give your body rest in order to help minimize injury. 

If you are diabetic or suffer from poor circulation, you need to pay close attention to protecting your feet and ankles during the summertime. Dr. Putnam suggests doing daily foot and skin checks to monitor for any suspicious changes. Moisturizing your feet is the key to preventing infections. Having dry and cracked skin can allow harmful bacteria to enter. It is a good idea to sleep with socks on at night to lock in moisture and maintain healthy skin.

Enjoy your time outdoors over the summer, but make smart choices about the type of footwear you choose and always protect your feet from potential harm and injury. 

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