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March 12, 2018

Keep moving

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day? How about your kids? Do they just want to flop in front of the TV? Physical activity helps you feel better right away, no matter what kind you choose. Daily physical activity can give you more energy and improve your sleep and focus. Staying active over time also helps you keep a healthy weight. It protects you from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and osteoporosis (weak bones).  
How much activity do kids need? Kids should get one hour or more of physical activity every day. This can be spread out in periods of 10–15 minutes. Kids should do vigorous activity at least three days per week, including activities that make kids breathe hard and sweat. Try the following tips for keeping your family active:
  • Play a game of tag or soccer after school. 
  • Instead of watching TV, take a walk or dance around the house after dinner.  
  • Plan at least one fun physical activity together on weekends.
  • Involve kids in active chores, like putting away groceries or sweeping.
  • Take the stairs when you’re at your favorite museum or library. 
Make sure that children have opportunities for active play after school most days. This can be in your yard, at a playground or in sports and recreation programs. Children who grow up in an active family are more likely to remain active as adults. An active lifestyle can help your family live longer, healthier lives. Set a good example by being active. Encourage children to find activities they enjoy.  
Resource: Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity and YMCA of the USA.

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