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June 29, 2017

Fireworks safety tips

Derick Wenning, MD
Medical Director, Children’s Emergency Center
The Fourth of July is around the corner and many of us have some good and not so good memories of fireworks from our childhood. Let’s make sure your children have great childhood memories. Here are some tips from Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital and the American Academy of Pediatrics on keeping your children safe: 

“We encourage families to attend community fireworks displays run by professionals, rather than using fireworks at home,” said Derick Wenning, MD, medical director of the Children’s Emergency Center at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. “Fireworks can cause severe burns, blindness, scars and even death.”

Wenning added, “Sparklers are an iconic symbol of July Fourth celebrations, but parents may not realize that sparklers can reach temperatures near 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit – which is as hot as a blow torch. Sparklers can burn users and people standing nearby, and should not be in the hands of children.” 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireworks-related injuries result in a nationwide average of 240 daily visits to the emergency room in the 30 days surrounding the July Fourth holiday. Nearly one-third of those injuries are caused by sparklers.
Leave fireworks to the experts
  • Don’t use fireworks at home
  • Plan to attend a public display which is put on by professionals
Skip the sparklers
  • A child’s arms are too short to hold sparklers far away from the face and body
  • Sparklers can heat up enough to cause severe burns
Let it glow
  • Glow sticks are a safer alternative to sparklers
  • Look for red, white and blue glow sticks for your Independence Day celebration
To enjoy fireworks and leave it to the experts, visit for a listing of July Fourth fireworks displays in Columbia and surrounding areas. 

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