Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Palmetto Health?

If you have a question or a comment about your experience with Palmetto Health, please contact us via email at this link or call us at 803-296-CARE (2273).

How do I find information on a doctor?

Our online Find a Physician service allows you to find information on any doctor who works at Palmetto Health hospitals and practices. You can search by specialty, location and gender.

Where can I find information on Palmetto Health hospitals and physician practices?

Please visit our Locations page to find information on and directions to all of our hospitals, physician practices and specialty centers.

Can I schedule an appointment online?

While we cannot currently schedule appointments online, you may Request an Appointment via the website and our Call Center will contact you to schedule your procedure.

How do I prepare for my hospital appointment?

Our online Pre-Registration form allows you to expedite your check-in and help make your visit with us as smooth as possible.

Can I view my medical records online?

Yes, please visit our MyHealth Patient Portal for more information on managing your health care online.

How can I find information about a specific medical service?

A list of our medical services and links to each of those services can be found on our Medical Services page. 

How can I send a Cheer Card to someone in a Palmetto Health hospital?

You can send anyone that is in a Palmetto Health hospital a Cheer Card from this page

Where can I find baby photos on the website?

You can view all the recent baby photos on our Baby Photos page.

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