Fully equipped mobile training

Because of donor support, SimCOACH™, a fully-equipped mobile simulation laboratory that extends the capabilities and reach of the Prisma Health-University of South Carolina School of Medicine Simulation Center, has been on the road for more than two years.


Through SimCOACH™, team-based medical simulation training has been available for students, nurses, resident physicians, military medical personnel and the public, many of whom would have to travel from across the state for this specialized training ranging from individual patient care to disaster response scenarios.

SimCOACH™ allows health care professionals the opportunity to practice complicated procedures and scenarios without posing a risk to a patient’s health, thus reducing medical errors, saving lives and cutting health care costs.

Prisma Health has a partnership with a state agency to provide training to all 44 birthing hospitals at no charge to the hospitals. The program, Birth Outcomes Initiative (BOI), strives to reduce primary cesarean section deliveries by supporting vaginal births.

SimCOACH™ extends the reach of the simulation-based education across the state and provides much needed experience for health care providers to gain hands-on practice performing low volume, high-risk procedures in a safe environment,” according to Randy Branham, director of Simulation and Clinical Skills for Prisma Health. “Through the BOI program, participants learn to manage complications in deliveries, making South Carolina a safer place for moms and babies.”

Our Simulation Center team is capable of creating, implementing, and assessing medical curriculum specific to the needs of your team. We offer simple task trainers and scenario and team-based training opportunities custom to your particular health care specialty or focus. Most of these custom activities can be brought to you and carried out inside your facility or on SimCOACH™. Fees will be individually calculated based on the resources used. For more information, please contact us at 803-434-6991.

SimCOACH is made possible through a major donor to Prisma Health Midlands Foundation as well as gifts from CAE Healthcare and Bank of America.

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