Research Code of Ethics

As a Researcher at Prisma Health:

I value compassion – I will:

  • AAHRPP Full AccreditationBe mindful and respectful of the important distinctions between medical practice (treatment) and research (investigational study).
  • Be courteous and respectful to patients, subjects and all members of the study team.

I value dignity – I will:

  • Ensure that the principles of respect for people and the practice of obtaining informed consent are honored at all times, both in spirit and in practice.
  • Observe legal, ethical and regulatory requirements pertaining to confidentiality of identifiable personal information, relevant records and communications.

I value excellence – I will:

  • Accept the responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of human subjects and patients as my highest goal.
  • Continue to advance my knowledge and understanding of research through education and training.
  • Adhere to relevant ethical standards and practices for responsible conduct of research and medical practice.
  • Report findings precisely and take care to avoid errors.
  • Respond in a professional and timely manner.

I value integrity – I will:

  • Execute my work in accordance with standards of scientific objectivity, accountability and professionalism.
  • Safeguard the quality and credibility of my professional judgment from inappropriate influence.
  • Abide by the laws, regulations and official directives applicable to my professional activities and respect the prevailing ethical and community standards.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest in my affairs; make full disclosure before undertaking any matter that may be perceived as a conflict of interest, and follow any management plans that may be set forth by the Prisma Health’s Potential Conflict of Interest Committee.

I value teamwork – I will:

  • Serve as a resource to the research team and other departments as needed.
  • Provide information and appropriate training to ancillary departments that are involved in the conduct of my research.
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March 25, 2020