Workforce and Student Development Programs

Nurturing tomorrow's caregivers today

Our Workforce Development programs at Prisma Health include strategies to cultivate an interest in the health care industry among young students. 

Along with schools, colleges, industries and business leaders, we have collaborated on a wide range of projects and initiatives to help build a health care workforce for the future.

Together, we can provide a structure to increase awareness, broaden interest and promote training opportunities to inspire young people, encourage our current employees and elevate health care as the career field of choice.

Career observation policy

Prisma Health enthusiastically supports student interest in health care careers by encouraging them to see for themselves what health care has to offer as they consider their futures.

Our Workforce Development program is designed to give students a first-hand look at health care career opportunities by being paired with experienced professionals who are happy to share their knowledge and answer questions.

Please read the policy prior to applying.

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Register online

Prior to observation, students must register online. Once registration is complete, departmental leaders must grant permission prior to scheduling the experience.

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