Palmetto Health Heart Hospital offers comprehensive lifestyle management programs in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilition aimed at current cardiac patients, individuals at risk for developing heart disease and people interested in a medically supervised exercise program. Our programs are staffed by:

  • Exercise specialists trained in developing programs for cardiac patients
  • Registered nurses certified in advanced cardiac life support
  • Dietitian and vocational rehabilitation personnel

Cardiac Rehabilitation
The Palmetto Health Heart Hospital Cardiac Rehabilition Program is a multi-phase program that helps patients who have recently experienced a cardiac problem or hospitalization to learn an plan for a healthy future. During hospitalization and throughout recovery, our team works on  education, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and medication. Some topics include:

  • The heart disease process
  • Medications
  • Risk factor modifications
  • Exercise principles
  • Weight control
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management

For more information, call 803-434-6966. 

14 Medical Park Dr., Suite 100
Columbia, SC 29203


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital is a comprehensive program that focuses on the patient's maintenance and post-rehabilitation pulmonary wellness. Using accurate diagnosis, therapy, emotional support and education, the custom-tailored, multidisciplinary pulmonary wellness program stabilizes or reverses both the physiopathology and psychopathology of pulmonary diseases. The program attempts to return the patient to his/her highest possible functional capacity allowed by the pulmonary handicap and overall life situation. 

For more information, call 803-434-6774. 

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