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Palmetto Health-USC School of Medicine Simulation Center Rolls Out SimCOACH™
South Carolina’s First Mobile Simulation Laboratory
Fully Equipped Mobile Simulation Laboratory Takes Clinical Training to Those Who Need It

Today, the Palmetto Health-University of South Carolina School of Medicine Simulation Center rolled out SimCOACH™, South Carolina’s first fully equipped mobile simulation laboratory. This new mobile unit was specifically designed to bring team-based medical simulation training to students, nurses, resident physicians, military medical personnel and community members who otherwise would have travel to brick-and-mortar centers across the state for this kind of specialized training. Educational topics will range from individual patient care scenarios to disaster response scenarios. SimCOACH™ was made possible through a generous donation from an anonymous donor to Palmetto Health Foundation as well as gifts from CAE Healthcare and Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

The introduction of SimCOACH™ expands the Palmetto Health-USC School of Medicine Simulation Center’s existing curriculum and programmatic reach. Simulation Center – located in Columbia, S.C. – was created in 2007 to provide health care professionals the opportunity to practice complicated clinical care procedures and scenarios without posing a risk to a patient’s health, which ultimately reduces medical errors, saves lives and cuts health care costs. Simulation educational specialists work with clients to develop and deliver meaningful learning content to aid with procedural competency, individual assessment and team training. The Simulation Center uses a wide array of equipment including audio and video technologies to enhance learning activities.

Eric Brown, M.D., medical director of the Simulation Center, appreciates the support received to make the SimCOACH™ a reality. “We couldn’t have done this without our generous donors who had the forethought to see how this benefits all of South Carolina. The continued support of our center by Palmetto Health and the USC School of Medicine is an unmistakable commitment to patient safety and clinical excellence. This helps our Simulation Center team ensure physicians and caregivers in South Carolina receive ongoing training and education to provide the highest quality care to our patients, and help teach the next generation of health care providers.”

Palmetto Health CEO Charles D. Beaman Jr. appreciates Brown’s commitment to clinical education and patient safety. He said, “Simulation medicine helps ensure Palmetto Health’s physicians and caregivers, as well as those throughout the Midlands region, are well prepared to provide the highest quality, safest care and, ultimately, the very best patient experience. I applaud Dr. Brown and his team on what they have been able to achieve, and the difference they ultimately make in the lives of the people we serve.”

The SimCOACH™ offers a unique learning experience and extends the physical reach of the Simulation Center, in that it:

• Provides a fully featured, mobile simulation space that is available on demand and in proximity to any health care entity – whether a neighboring hospital, clinic or community setting.
• Allows for the same level of control over the learning environment afforded by a fixed facility, including the appearance of the simulated clinical space, composition of the learner teams, and audio-visual capture capabilities.
• Provides overflow capacity for the Simulation Center when more training space is needed than is available within the facility. When the SimCOACH™ is not deployed, the two fully functional encounter rooms allow the center to serve multiple learner groups simultaneously who would otherwise have to be scheduled during separate time slots.
• Establishes a sophisticated and efficient staging platform for training in a clinical unit setting as well as in the field. The dedicated practice scenarios and preparatory space can be critical to delivering a high-quality learning experience in a remote setting.
• Enhances simulation-based research endeavors by engaging a broader audience across geographical lines and diverse practice environments.

R. Caughman Taylor, M.D., interim dean of the USC School of Medicine and a professor of Clinical Pediatrics, believes that simulation medicine plays an important role in the education of physicians. He said, “As an educator for the last 25 years, I’ve witnessed many of the changes in medicine and wish that a resource like simulation would have been available to us. Simulation offers the opportunity for our future physicians to gain clinical expertise in a safe, instructional environment.”

Palmetto Health Foundation President Samuel Tenenbaum, whose team worked to secure donations, believes SimCOACH™ takes medical simulation training in our area to a higher, more impactful level. He said, “We are blessed in the Midlands with leaders who have a vision of medical excellence, and because of them we are setting a new standard, not only here but for the country. We are very grateful to our generous donors whose support provided this technologically advanced resource to Palmetto Health, the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, and physicians and caregivers throughout our state.”

For information on how you can support SimCOACH™, contact Palmetto Health Foundation at 803-434-7275 or visit

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