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News Releases
Palmetto Health Adds Germ-Zapping “Robot” to its Patient Safety Arsenal
Robots will be used at Palmetto Health hospitals as another Patient Safety tool

TOPIC: Lobby signs reminding you that if you have flu-like symptoms to wear a mask, hand sanitizers on every floor, and a task force of team members across the hospital system working on national patient safety indicators are only some of the patient safety measures that Palmetto Health is using to enhance patient safety. Now, they have added robots.

Palmetto Health is the first in the state to use Xenex’s innovative germ-zapping robots to further increase patient safety. The new portable room disinfection device pulses ultraviolet (UV) light throughout patient rooms to quickly destroy viruses, bacteria and bacterial spores. Although each room will still be personally cleaned by Palmetto Health team members, the robots will be deployed as an additional patient safety measure.

EVENT: Come see a live demonstration of the robot along with opportunity to speak with Sangita Dash, M.D., infectious disease specialist with the University of South Carolina Department of Internal Medicine; Rachael Sparks, technical director for Xenex Disinfection Services; and department directors from Palmetto Health’s Environmental Services.

WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 23

TIME: 10:30-11:30 a.m.

PLACE: Palmetto Health Heart Hospital Atrium, 6 Richland Medical Park Dr.


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