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News Releases
Palmetto Health Heart Hospital is the First Hospital in the Midlands to Offer New Heart Failure Device
Palmetto Health Heart Hospital cardiologist Dr. Walter Robert Mazzei with Columbia Heart is the first physician in the Midlands to implant a new cardiac device designed to better treat patients with heart failure. This new heart device is used to regulate the heart’s pumping function and help the heart perform more efficiently by synchronizing the left and right ventricles of the heart through timed electrical pulses. With the help of this new pacing technology, physicians can more effectively and efficiently manage the ever-changing needs of patients with heart failure symptoms, which can result in shorter implant times and fewer surgical revisions for patients.

“The goal of treating heart failure is to make the heart a more effective pump. In some patients, the anatomy of the heart limits the ability of the older devices to deliver the electrical signals that resynchronize the heartbeat,” said Mazzei. “This new lead is designed to overcome many of these challenges and give more patients an improved quality of life.”

Tim FitzGerald, administrative director of Palmetto Health Heart Hospital, said, “This technology is the industry’s first quadripolar pacing system and Palmetto Health Heart Hospital is proud to be among the first hospitals in the country to implant this state-of-the-art device. We are committed to providing our patients with the best technology to help improve their quality of life.”

The Unify Quadra™ cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator and Quartet® Left Ventricular Quadripolar Pacing Lead was developed by St. Jude Medical. Unlike the traditional heart pacing device which uses two electrodes, the Quartet lead features four electrodes, which ultimately provides more options to effectively regulate the patient’s heartbeat. The multiple pacing options also allow physicians the ability to better manage common pacing complications without having to surgically reposition the lead.

For more information about Palmetto Health Heart Hospital, visit or call 803-434-7808.

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