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News Releases
Children from USC Child Development and Research Center Tour New Ambulance
New Ambulance Creates a more Patient-centered Environment

VISUALS: Children will hear from pediatric transport team about how they transport children to the hospital. Children will get a chance to go inside the new ambulance.

WHEN: 11 a.m., Tomorrow, Thursday, July 7

WHERE: Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital Atrium, Seven Richland Medical Park, Palmetto Health Richland campus

DETAILS: Having a sick child can be hard enough on a parent but to have that child transported to the hospital by ambulance can add another level of stress. Since 1973, Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital has had a neonatal and pediatric transport team, experienced in critical care who help relieve that anxiety. This specially-trained team transports about 500 children each year from almost every county of the state including the 16-county referral area for neonatal babies.

Now, the transport team has a new tool. Adorned with the faces of three local children including one who was transported on the ambulance when she was a newborn, the new ambulance will allow for even more patient-centered care. Features of new ambulance include:

•The Braun Super Chief ambulance is mounted to an International 4300 LP chassis and is loaded with features and compartments that have been customized to enhance safety and promote family-centered care.

•The cab is equipped with four seats, allowing parents to accompany the child to the hospital. In the past, only one parent was able to accompany the child.

•More space for two isolette positions allowing easier transport of two patients at a time.

•A DVD player with dedicated speakers to help offer distractions for the children during transport.

•Attendant seats with 5-Point harnesses and slides for easy access to either isoletters or a stretcher.

•MasterTech III touch button system for real-time, on-board diagnostics.

•Better fuel economy and more useable space.

•A sliding door that does not cause any hazards like opening into traffic, creating blind spots or restricting personnel from getting in or out of the module

•Bright, child-friendly graphics

About Palmetto Health Children's Hospital
Palmetto Health Children's Hospital was South Carolina’s first children's hospital and treats more than 80,000 children each year. It has central South Carolina's only Children’s Emergency Center and offers more than 30 subspecialties to meet the unique healthcare needs of children. With more than 200 professionals that work exclusively with children, Palmetto Health Children's Hospital has a team of highly skilled and trained experts unmatched by any hospital in the Midlands. Palmetto Health Children's Hospital is the place to go for children's medical care, because the best care matters.

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