At Palmetto Health Heart Hospital, we’re saving lives with cool technology. After Marty Bradley suffered a cardiac arrest, he arrived at the hospital unresponsive and was taken directly to the catheterization lab before being moved to the Coronary Care Unit. There he was treated with the Arctic Sun, a device that helps to prevent brain injury in cardiac arrest patients and allows them better outcomes after the event.

The Arctic Sun has pads that cover 40 percent of the body's surface and mimics being immersed in ice water. This cutting-edge device is used by critical care specialists to significantly lower the body temperature of patients who have suffered cardiac arrest from heart-related causes, had a heat stroke, or experienced brain swelling after a stroke. Lowering the body temperature in this way decreases the amount of oxygen the brain uses, thus protecting the brain and limiting permanent damage. When the body is re-warmed, more patients survive with improved neurological function. Palmetto Health has invested in three of the devices, covering the ER, MICU and CCU. 

While Mr. Bradley's heart rhythm did not return for 30 minutes, with the Arctic Sun's assistance he came out of the traumatic experience feeling as well as he did prior to the cardiac arrest.

 "I am so pleased with my outcome. I feel just like I did before," says Mr. Bradley, "I am so thankful that I was able to take advantage of this technology. I believe if it hadn't been for the Arctic Sun, I wouldn't be here today."

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