Our 10,500-square-foot Chest Pain Emergency Room (ER) at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital is designed to rule out cardiac events for individuals experiencing chest pain. This special ER unit includes 20 observation rooms and four treatment beds for special outpatient procedures. Each room is fully monitored with telemetry monitors and each room has a television and a stretcher designed to keep our guests comfortable.

The Chest Pain ER is also used for patients who need short-term observation without admission, including those with asthma and congestive heart failure. 

Patients in our Emergency Department with chest pain can be transferred to the Chest Pain ER for up to 23-hours of observation after consulting with a cardiologist. Cardiac events are ruled out using a rapid rule-out protocol. All varieties of stress tests are available seven days a week to help increase the speed of this protocol. The average course of treatment is 12–18 hours, which is necessary to fully rule out a cardiac event. Once the protocol is completed, the cardiologist will read the stress tests and decide if further work-up is necessary.

The Chest Pain ER benefits the community by:

  • Efficiently manages the large number of patients who arrive at the Emergency Department with chest pain
  • Reduces the number of patients waiting in the Emergency Department for telemetry beds
  • Increases patient flow and decreases wait time for emergent patients
  • Improves utilization of Coronary Care Unit and telemetry beds

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