Heart Disease comes in many sizes, ages, and faces. Meet some of our patients and read or watch their stories:

Tom Hill

Palmetto Health Heart Hospital patient Tom Hill says he was treated like family after suffering a heart attack and receiving record-breaking care.



Keith Rucker, a South Carolina Fire Academy instructor remembers leaving for work but none of the events that followed. He is a walking miracle thanks to the care provided by Palmetto Health Heart Hospital.

Mr. Paul Sandifer wrote to us commending the excellent patient care he received in the Heart Hospital. Read his message.

 Millie Headrick

Millie Headrick has heart disease and had two stents placed in September 2007 here at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital. She is a thin, fit woman who exercises regularly, taught aerobics classes for many years, eats right, and had no known risk factors for heart disease. Her first consultation with a physician did not result in aggressive follow-up.  She sought a second opinion which resulted in a correct diagnosis before she suffered a heart attack.

She has attended Cardiac Rehabilitation at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital since November 2007 and credits the knowledge that she gained from the program to help her recognize her symptoms and take appropriate steps to again avoid a heart attack when the stents re-blocked in March 2008. The problem was resolved with bypass surgery. She continues to be alert to her disease and wants to educate other women to be aware of the symptoms of heart disease. 




Symptoms of a Heart Attack

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