The HeartMate II® is a surgically implanted LVAD that assists the heart with pumping blood to the body. This assistance is needed when the heart is too weak to supply the organs of the body with enough blood to stay viable, known as advanced heart failure. The LVAD does not replace the heart, but is attached to it and a major blood vessel, called the aorta. The pump is implanted during open heart surgery, and it must receive power via batteries located outside of the body in order to operate.


Who may be candidates for LVAD?

There are two circumstances in which a patient may need an LVAD:

  1. If a patient is listed for a heart transplant but is becoming too sick while waiting on a donor heart to become available. This indication is known as bridge to transplant.
  2. If the patient is not a candidate for heart transplantation or prefers the LVAD over a transplant. This is known as destination therapy, and these patients will be supported on the LVAD until end of life, which could be several years.

Before LVAD implantation, advanced heart failure patients are usually fatigued, short of breath and too tired to tolerate simple tasks, such as getting dressed or walking to check the mail. The LVAD can provide increased quality of life, allowing the patient to carry out daily activities with minimal restrictions. It also has been shown to prolong the life of patients with advanced heart failure.

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