Clinical Trials at Palmetto Health Seek to Improve Patient Care

Q: What is a clinical trial?
A clinical trial is a study done with humans. The trials are designed to answer very specific questions, such as the impact of a new treatment or diagnostic test on a patient. They result in concrete information to add to the body of knowledge that exists in a particular area. They determine if something works or not. Once a drug or diagnostic treatment is approved through a clinical trial, it may take months or years before it becomes part of the standard of care.

Q: What are the potential benefits of clinical trials?
Clinical trials help researchers, physicians and other medical professionals to better understand and improve patient diagnosis methods, treatments and procedures. They also provide the public access to new ways of care.

Q: What clinical trial work is done at Palmetto Health?
A: Palmetto Health administers various clinical trials across all areas of medicine. It also is a site for several national registries designed to improve patient treatment and outcomes.

Trials are directed and administered through the Palmetto Health Clinical Trials Department. A group of experienced research nurses handle all aspects of administering the clinical trials and work under the supervision of physicians, who are the principal investigators.

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