Lab Guidelines

For your convenience, three search options are provided.  After you have made your selection, press SUBMIT:

  • KEYWORD SEARCH- enter a keyword within a document.

  • TITLE SEARCH - use the "pull-down" menu button at the right to select the desired policy or guideline.

  • CATEGORY SEARCH – There are three categories available:  Select the desired category by using the "pull-down" menu at the right.  This will list all documents within that category.

  • SUBMIT – This will allow you to view all policies, guidelines, and administrative information.

  • (OPENING DOCUMENTS) - To view the document, double click on the blue underlined document.  Select OPEN.  (Documents located on cannot be altered by selecting SAVE.  You may save the document to your PC; however, the document will not be altered on our website.  We update policies as changes occur, so please check the website periodically for current information.)
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