Because the anatomy of infants and children is so small, the da Vinci® Surgical System is a partiularly valuable technology for pediatric surgeons. The visualization tools along with the computer assisted robotic technology and tiny instruments give surgeons superior control and precise access during pediatric procedures.

Da Vinci® Pediatric Surgeries

Common pediatric robotic procedures include neonatal and pediatric gastrointestinal surgery and thoracic surgery for tumors and lung diseases. These include procedures for acid reflux and achalasia, as well as splenectomies (removal of the spleen) and nephrectomies (removal of the kidney).

Palmetto Health Children's Hospital

All pediatric surgery patients are cared for at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital and surrounded by people who have dedicated their lives to caring for children. You'll find kid friendly features everywhere and a skilled team of pediatric professionals all located under one roof and sharing one goal — to provide coordinated, compassionate care to South Carolina's children and their families.

da Vinci® Pediatric Surgeons

Because there are less than 25 pediatrics surgeons in the United States trained in robotic-assisted surgery, we are fortunute to have one of the most experienced at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital. If you're child is facing surgery, please contact Juan I. Camps, MD with Pediatric Surgeons of South Carolina to determine if your child is a candidate for a da Vinci® surgery.

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