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Richland Surgical Services


Offering the latest in surgical technology with attention to comfort and privacy, Palmetto Health Richland's operating rooms include special areas for neurosurgery, heart surgery, laparoscopic procedures, trauma and general surgery, orthopedics and ear, nose and throat procedures. Almost any surgical procedure can be handled by the skilled surgeons and staff at Palmetto Health Richland.

Because Palmetto Health Richland knows that surgery can be a stressful time for patients and their families, the family members receive regular surgical updates in special waiting areas and are assisted by patient liaisons. Pagers are provided for families during the waiting time and  tracking boards are used so that families know where their loved one is located during the surgery process.


The Latest Technology – The Department of Surgical Services uses the latest technology and procedures. Lasers and microscopes fitted for ENT, neurological and ophthalmological procedures routinely are used. Palmetto Health Richland offers nearly every type of surgery with the exception of transplants.  As the trend in minimally invasive surgery continues, Palmetto Health Richland has endoscopy equipment for gynecologic, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, thoracic, general, plastic/reconstructive, and orthopedic surgery. Palmetto Health Richland obtained some of the first pediatric laparoscopes in the Southeast specifically designed for children for Children's Hospital. As a leader in orthopedic joint replacement, Palmetto Health Richland has high filtration suites dedicated to total joint replacement.

One-Stop Care – Preoperative testing at Palmetto Health Richland is consolidated for patient convenience. All procedures for outpatient preparation are handled in one central area. The hospital's anesthesiology staff is supported by highly trained nurse anesthetists. A special pediatric preoperative holding area has been designed to entertain children and reduce their anxiety before surgery. A child life specialist is available to walk a child through what will happen in surgery.

A Post Anesthesia Care Unit
(PACU) – continually monitors surgical patients during their recovery. From highly trained critical care nursing to special blankets that blow warm air to keep a patient warm after surgery, PACU's goal is to keep every patient as comfortable as possible and provide individualized nursing attention during recovery from anesthesia. All of these certified Registered Nurses are Advanced Cardiac Life Support Providers. Family members are notified by PACU staff immediately upon the patient's transfer to a room or outpatient recovery area.

Efficiency – A dedicated area just for outpatient services is provided in our North Addition, with a covered drop-off entrance. Many patients to arrive the morning of their operation, undergo surgery, and return home in one day. This approach keeps hospital stays short and holds costs down.