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Stroke Interventional Capabilities


Another opportunity to successfully treat stroke at Palmetto Health

Palmetto Health boasts one of the few physicians in South Carolina who is specifically trained in interventional stroke treatment procedures. Dr. Blease Graham III is trained in various technologies to reverse the blockages caused by ischemic strokes. These techniques can retrieve clots causing the blockage of blood supply to the brain tissue. Dr. Graham is also able to treat brain aneurysm with a technique called coiling. 

Interventionists, like Dr. Graham, use the latest technologies to help ensure the best patient outcomes following stroke. Palmetto Health is home to the McCausland Center for Brain Imaging featuring 3 Tesla (3T-MRI), which allows better visualization to assess stroke quickly.

Penumbra – The Penumbra procedure is used to restore circulation by aspirating the clot that is blocking blood within  the blood vessel that supplies blood to a certain area of the brain.

Merci – This retrieval system removes blood clots from vessels deep in the brain. It uses a tiny corkscrew to incase the clot and pull it out, restoring the blood flow that was blocked.

Solitaire – This device is a "restore and remove" device. It has the capability to bore through the clot in the clogged vessel allowing blood to pass through the cannula (tube) hence restoring blood to the brain even before the clot is  removed. Then, the interventionalist (physician) can remove the clot with the same device.