IT Systems and Security 

IT Systems and Security

Information Technology

Palmetto Health has implemented electronic medical records across its inpatient settings and throughout most of the ambulatory care network.


Palmetto Health's inpatient and outpatient electronic medical record system.

Specific applications are:

Firstnet-Patient tracking and information system used by the Emergency Department
Powerchart-Patient information system used for inpatient and some outpatient data
Surginet-Patient tracking and information system used by the Surgery Department
Powerworks-Patient information system being installed in many practices which are members of the Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative and those who chose to become affiliated.  Information will be accessible across systems.

EndoWorks Endoscopy
Outlook Palmetto Health's email system
HeartLab and/or HeartStation Cardiology images and reports
IMPAX Radiology images
QS and/or OBLink Fetal monitoring
RSO Reduced/Remote Sign On(remote access)
SSO Single Sign On or Badge Access

Contact the IT Service Center  to gain access to the above applications or if you are experiencing difficulties with the program in the hospital, your office, or your home  and if you have other general issues, such as:  printing problems, password resets, etc.  


Campus Outside Line Internal Line
Baptist 803-296-HELP 64357
Richland 803-434-HELP 44357
email helpdesk.helpdesk

Clinical Quality Informatics (CQI)
Liaisons will contact you to schedule training and education regarding the following clinical system applications once you have been approved for privileges:


Palmetto Health's electronic medical record.

Dictation numbers-

Each practitioner is assigned a unique number.  The number is used to access the medical records dictation system.

Log-in and passwords-

Required for access into system.

Remote Sign on-

Allows convenient access to administrative and clinical applications from work,home or anywhere there is Wifi access.  Medical Staff are able to access Remote Sign On Desktop from hand held electronic devices.

Single Sign On-

Single Point of access for patient information, e-mail, clinical and administrative applications, and much more.

Palmetto Health Information Security Program

  • Our Information Security Program continues to ensure that we comply with all applicable state and Federal laws, rules, regulations, and standards.
  • The entire Palmetto Health workforce and others that have access to our facilities, information, and information systems are required to participate in introductory and continuing information security training and to report known or suspected information security incidents.
  • The Information Security Office helps the Palmetto Health workforce comply with the increasingly complex rules, regulations,and standards by providing uniform policies and procedures.
  • The Information Security Officer aids in the identification and correction of any actual or perceived information security incident and breaches.
  • The Information Security expectations are set out in the Corporate Policy manual.
  • The following electronic communications not provided by Palmetto Health are often not secure and information could possibly be viewed or accessed by others without a need to know.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Email
    • Texting

HIPPA/ARRA/Identity Theft

  • All patient information is to be accessed via unique (not shared) accounts.
  • All patient information is to be encrypted while stored or transferred.
  • All devices used to retain, transfer, or access confidential information are to remain virus free and secure from non-authorized access.
  • All actual or suspected information security incidents must be immediately reported including the loss of devices immediately upon their discovery.

Tips to Keep Your Information Safe

Do not leave electronic devices unattended.

  • Read and understand privacy and terms before downloading and installing apps or using services.
  • Assume any email may be a fake, look for signs that it is spam/scam before proceeding.
  • Ensure all portable devices including phones, tablets, USB drives, etc are encrypted.
  • If you have any doubts about anything related to information security please call the number below.

Contact Information Security at:
Information Security Direct Line: