Risk Management 

Risk Management

Risk Management

The department of Patient Safety and Risk Management works to enhance continuous improvement of patient care services and to ensure a safe health care environment. Our Risk Management Plan in designed to protect and reduce risks to patients, visitors, team members and hospital assets. The mission of the program is to improve the quality of patient care, reduce risks of injury and to manage incidents or losses that may occur.

Risk management is the process of creating and implementing strategies directed at preventing and minimizing the adverse events at Palmetto Health though the identification and assessment of risk and the implementation of preventive measures. Early notification is key, please call us with any concerns.

Program Activities

  • Potential claims – are identified through various mechanisms including, but not limited to notices of intention, claims, quality reviews, risk assessments, patient concerns/grievances.
  • Risk Assessment – A variety of sources are utilized to assess risks inherent in the environment. Sources include, but are not limited to, occurrence reports, potentially compensable events, medical malpractice claims and patient concerns/grievances.

Claims Management

Risk Management is responsible for day to day interactions with defense counsel in regards to litigation management.

Root Cause Analysis

  • Risk Management and/or the Quality Department is responsible to facilitate a credible and thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA), as defined by the Joint Commission. The Department of Risk Management and/or the Quality Department works in collaboration with the approporiate hospital personnel to complete the RCA process has been approved through the Hospital's Governing Body and Boards.

Hospital Event and Incident Reporting

  • Occurrence/Near Miss Reports – Risk Management maintains reports of events and near misses occurring in the facility. These events are recorded, quantified, and trended. Identified trends will be shared with leaders for risk mitigation. Serious incidents are reported to the Division of Health Licensing as indicated in Regulation 61-16 Standards for Licensing Hospitals and Institutional General Infirmaries.
  • Joint Commission/Sentinel Events – Risk Management and/or the Quality Department is responsible to ensure that the processess for identifying and managing sentinel events are designed and implemented to prevent the recurrence of similar events.