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Recovery Assisted Medication (Vivitrol)

The use of alcohol has recently been identified as the number one harmful drug in the US. Almost 18 million adults in the United States either abuse alcohol or are alcohol dependent. Additionally, the abuse of prescription narcotics is a fast rising problem.

Substance abuse can incorporate illegal substances, prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies. Even if used recreationally, drug abuse can lead to dependence, addiction, illness or death.

Counseling is arguably the most effective approach to substance abuse treatment. Over the years, counselors have viewed good substance abuse treatment as a combination of counseling, 12-step group attendance, sponsorship and step work; this was the addict's prescription for recovery. Research has shown, however, medications and behavioral therapies when used together are most effective.

In an attempt to achieve the best treatment outcome possible, the Adult Addiction Recovery Center is implementing a chemically assisted program for the treatment of alcoholism and opiate addiction.

The use of Vivitrol, an injectable, extended release form of Naltrexone is now the newest approach to assisting our patients in sustaining prolonged periods or abstinence and ultimate recovery. All patients receiving Vivitrol are medically managed by The Recovery Center's Medical Director. Prior to receiving a prescription for Vivitrol each patient will obtain liver panel to assure safety of taking Vivitrol. The patient will then review side effects and contraindications of taking Vivitrol with counselor.

Appropriate releases and agreements are signed before Vivitrol injections are administered.