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Healthcare Providers Program

The disease of addiction does not discriminate. It can touch the lives of those in any race, socio-economic group, or profession. Many professionals, such as nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians and others require licensure in order to practice in our state. When alcohol or drugs impair these professionals, they often require treatment that addresses their unique issues. Healthcare Professionals are a valuable resource!

Those of us that work in the healthcare industry understand how rewarding our work can be. Individuals who have chosen the field of healthcare are undoubtedly comprised of extraordinarily caring people with a natural inclination towards helping others. For most, the desire to care for others is the very thing that drew them into this field. However, for others this can sometimes become an unhealthy focus. Caring for others sometimes overrides taking care of their own needs.  In cases such as this it is common for the individual to seek comfort and/or relief in unhealthy ways such as the use of mood altering chemicals.

Palmetto Health Addiction Recovery Center is proud to offer the area's only treatment program created specifically for impaired professionals. We offer an Intensive Outpatient Treatment track for impaired professionals in conjunction with our CD-IOP. Our professional staff works closely with the Recovering Professionals Program (RPP), SCRIPT program, Licensing Boards and other agencies to develop treatment plans specific to the needs of the professional. The goal of the Healthcare Professional Program is to return the professional, free of debilitating substances, to their chosen profession.

The Heathcare Providers Program is designed to address the specialized needs of this unique population with regard to chemical dependence and codependence issues. Our definition of the typical Healthcare provider is an individual who is a high performer (on the job and at home), often the person who 'over functions "and takes care of everyone else and never has time to take care of themselves. In addition to helping the healthcare worker learn healthy means of self care, the program staff will work closely with licensure/certification boards to achieve the overall goal of returning the recovering staff member back to work. Contrary to common belief, recovering healthcare workers are equally as, or safer than other employees as they are monitored for up to five years after treatment via random drug screens, regular contact with their RPP Recovery Specialist and accountability in their respective support groups.