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Compass Program

Sometimes people lose their way, and it becomes clear their life is headed in the wrong direction. Alcohol or drugs may seem to make things better, but only for a while. Eventually, they create even more problems. The COMPASS PROGRAM can help. Compass is for people who are not quite sure if a problem with drugs or alcohol exists. We refer to this line of thinking as the pre-contemplative / contemplative stage. Evaluations are performed at the time of admission and prior to beginning the group process. Patient needs are identified and incorporated into the group process. Along with standard group topics, individual needs become the platform for group discussions focusing on skill development. Members of the group experience the personal growth needed to make positive behavioral changes in their lives.

The Compass educational series is not covered by insurance. Group sessions will be held only when there are five or more patients participating; otherwise weekly one-on-one sessions are scheduled Groups are designed to last 1.5 hours. Individual sessions are one-hour; the cost is the same. A Substance Abuse Evaluation is conducted during the intake process and is considered to be the first of six sessions. Session(s) will include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Addiction as a Disease
  • Abuse vs. Addiction
  • Gorski's theory of the "thirds"
  • Developing Affective Coping Skills
  • Developing Refusal Skills
  • Identifying Supports for Recovery


Group and Individual Sessions: $53 each.
Urine Drug Screen: The laboratory will bill your insurance company for drug tests. Based upon the test outcome, further lab tests may not be required and "Instant Result" cups may be used for further testing to defray additional costs. The lab uses a sliding fee scale when insurance is unavailable. There is no charge for a Breathalyzer.