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Referral Processes

Phone (803) 296.2416
Fax (803) 296.5674

Physician Referrals
The referral coordinator from the physician practice should contact our office directly regarding patient referrals.

  • The referral coordinator will receive a faxed questionnaire from our office on which to record patient data. This document must be completed and returned before the patient's first day of IOP treatment.
  • If available, the patient's prior substance abuse treatment history may be requested.
  • The date and time the patient is to arrive for treatment will be established.

Military Referrals (and dependents)

  • People referred from a military base are admitted into our Half-Day Outpatient Hospital Program (as required by Tri-Care Insurances) and are expected to arrive for intake on the first Tuesday following the date of referral.
  • The person referred will meet with our Medical Director at which time the need for treatment will be medically established.
  • The Medical Directors evaluation is submitted to Tri-Care for authorization and approval.
  • Treatment will usually begin the day following evaluation (Wednesday).