Employed Physician Partner Orientation


Employed physician partners are expected to utilize the Palmetto Health email client in order to receive important and essential organizational information that my impact on you and your practice. Communication utilizing your assigned Palmetto Health email address has been formalized within the organization and is necessary from both a business and privacy and confidentiality perspective.

Conflict of Interest

All employed physician partners will need to disclose at the time of employment and annually any potential conflict of interest. Click here for Conflict of Interest form.

Medical Record Documentation

Accurate, timely and complete medical record documentation is required in our practices, ambulatory centers and hospitals. Please click here to review the ambulatory delinquent medical record policy and the medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations governing documentation by the hospitals medical staffs.

Standards of Behavior

Palmetto Health applies its Standards of Behavior to all employees including physicians. To learn more about Palmetto Health Standards of Behavior click here. Additionally, the Palmetto Health Code of Conduct must be signed by all physicians during the credentialing process. Click here for the Code of Conduct.

Practice Development

All employed physician partners are expected to participate in practice development meetings on a regular basis.  These meetings will be coordinated by your office practice manager and will include the Director for your area, the VPCA and others as needed.


Welcome to the PHQC! All PH employed physician partners are members of the PHQC that focuses on elevating quality and efficiency as we provide more value to our patients. You will quickly become engaged with our clinical initiatives and goal setting process. Click here for more information. 

Patient Satisfaction

It is essential that our physicians do everything possible to elevate our patient satisfaction scores in our hospitals and offices. Our goals are to consistently have at least a 75% of always on our HCAHPS surveys and 90th percentile on office Press Ganey surveys.

Palmetto Health Resources

Palmetto Health has a wealth of resources in our network. It is essential to get to know your colleagues and the other resources that we offer. 

Patient Care Services

Patient care services is the extended part of your ambulatory office. Patient Care Services is the extended part of your practice that will assist you with clinical operations. We provide training, education and competency assessment of non physician clinical personnel, support you with performing clinical initiatives, goals and audits, provide advisement and support with closing the loop on issues identified during environment of care rounds, provide support and direction with office process improvement, help you remain compliant with CLIA and DHEC regulations, perform onboarding of new practices, run the internal float pool for providing temporary personnel as needed because of absenteeism, and support you with everyday random challenges and issues.