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Total Joint Center

The Palmetto Health Total Joint Center has been designated as a Blue Distinction® Center for Knee and Hip Replacement, which means you can count on an excellent team of committed professionals to provide you with high-quality care and consistent outcomes.

We are here to help through each step in your joint replacement surgery, from educating you about the process through recovery at home, making the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Contact Palmetto Health Total Joint Center

The caring staff at our Total Joint Center is here to help you or a loved one put an end to joint pain. Call today to learn more about joint replacements or to schedule an appointment.

  • Total Joint Center at Palmetto Health Richland: 803-434-4016 
  • Total Joint Center at Palmetto Health Baptist: 803-296-2230 


The Palmetto Health Approach to Joint Replacements

Joint replacement is often performed to ease nagging pain and restore motion to knees and hips damaged by disease, injury or age. We require you to choose a family member or friend to be your "coach" during the entire joint replacement process. Your "coach" will serve you as encourager, personal trainer, household helper, teacher and supporter. Your coach will help you follow guidelines set by the surgeons and other Total Joint Center staff. Having someone to stand by your side during this procedure is important to helping reach your goals.

Most people do not consider surgery a pleasant experience. However, joint replacement surgery can be a positive experience that helps you feel better and move more easily after your recovery. 

Our team provides the highest quality of care, and we want you to be a part of this team. We recommend attendance at our monthly class before your surgery. During the class, Total Joint Center team members will discuss:

  • Activities you need to participate in prior to and on the day of admission
  • Making health care decisions, advance directives
  • OR/PACU procedures
  • Physical and occupational therapies
  • Preoperative exercises
  • Nursing care, including postoperative routines and use of equipment
  • Pain management
  • Continuum of care and discharge planning with social worker
  • Sexual activity and total joint replacements
  • Register for the class by contacting Care Call at 803-296-2273.

Total Joint Center Team Members: 
Palmetto Health partners with experienced surgeons from Midlands Orthopaedics, PA, as well as Dr. Richard McCain and Dr. Kevin Nahigian. Your surgeon can answer any questions about the joint replacement procedure.

The Patient
You and your spouse/significant other/family members are important parts of the team. Taking the time to learn about your health will aid in your recovery.

The Orthopaedic Case Manager/Social Worker
A case manager or social worker will discuss your home situation, including personal support, physical barriers (stairs, bathroom arrangements, etc.), and usual level of function. Your plan may include home care arrangements, transfer to a transitional unit in the hospital, or arrangements for extended care.

Nursing Staff
You will be cared for by registered nurses and other team members skilled in orthopedics, who are committed to quality, personalized care. The staff will assist you with personal care activities, such as bathing, toileting, and position changes, as well as pain management, care of your surgical site, walking, and other issues related to your recovery.

Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists provide training and recommend equipment for your independence in your activities of daily living. They will help make recovery more comfortable by assessing your physical capabilities and limitations. They will also determine your need for assistive equipment, such as a raised toilet, toilet rails, reachers, sock-aids and tub benches. 

Physical Therapists
Physical therapists will help you increase your ability to move the surgical joint and improve your general endurance. Your physical therapist will help you get out of bed on the day after surgery and will establish a personalized exercise plan for you. You will also learn proper walking techniques to ensure your safety and to protect the new joint while it heals.

Home Care
A homecare agency may become part of the team after hospital discharge to assist with your recovery if you need further therapy or skilled nursing care.