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Supporting the Ministry

The Pastoral Counseling Foundation Fund

Please consider making a financial contribution to the Palmetto Health Counseling Endowment. This endowment program provides a way for the ministry projects and services offered through Palmetto Health Counseling to receive gifts and bequests for the work that is being done today and the ministry that will be provided tomorrow. Endowment gifts are invested and preserved for perpetuity while annual earnings are distributed for ministry.

This endowment fund is used to help children, families, special populations (like those struggling with physical illness and clergy with special needs) as well as those with needs that will be identified in the future. In 2011 it cost us over $3,500 per month to provide services to this population. Our endowment helps us continue providing this ministry.

We hope you will consider supporting those who need help from Palmetto Health Counseling. If you are willing to make a contribution, send your tax deductible contribution to the address below.

Make Check Payable To:  Palmetto Health Foundation
Add the notation "For Pastoral Counseling Fund 884" at the bottom of the check.

Mail check to:

  Palmetto Health Foundation
  PO Box 602575
  Charlotte, NC 28260-2575