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Resources and Services

At Palmetto Health Counseling, we offer a variety of services and programs to the communities we serve. We have counselors with specialized training who work with children and teens, couples and families, engaged couples seeking premarital counseling and business-persons seeking consultation for workplace issues. We also provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for businesses, consultations to clergy and congregations, and career testing and assessment. 

Call us at 803-296-5879 for more information about any of the following resources and services.

Resources for Children and Families
Our counselors meet with children in both individual and family counseling settings. We tailor treatment to meet the needs of each child and family. The Children's Program can help you guide your child through issues concerning:

  • Behavioral Management including ADHD, anger management, separation anxiety, self-control and peer pressure issues.
  • Family Changes – such as divorce, single parenting, remarriages, step-families and preadolescence to teen years.
  • Persistent Sadness – including depression, trauma, abuse, unhealthy or unrealistic body images and feelings of isolation.
  • Personal Parenting – balancing work, marriage and parenting roles, bedtime issues, building parent-child relationships, homework hassles, managing sibling rivalry, supporting your "square peg" child in a "round hole" world and transitions as children leave home.
  • Consultation  we offer consultation or training to school counselors, child-care workers, church staff, physicians and other professionals who work with children, preadolescents and teens.

Marital Health Resources
We offer marital health programs, services and consultation to couples and faith groups targeting a wide variety of needs and issues that couples face today. We can serve couples in the follow ways:

  • Premarital preparation
  • Marriage counseling
  • Couples conferences and retreats

Business and Community Resources
We provide Employee Assistance Program services to area companies, helping businesses and organizations care for their employees and team members when there are negative work, personal and family issues present. 

We also provide workplace training, testing, trauma response teams and management consultation for business and educational facilities.

Clergy and Congregational Resources
Palmetto Health Counseling’s resources for clergy and congregations are an avenue of hope and growth for the pastors and church staffs of South Carolina. We promote the use of healthy, effective leadership styles that will enhance and grow you and your congregation. Services offered include:

  • Training including lay leadership, leadership retreats and staff retreats and consultation.
  • Support – clergy and church staff consultations, congregation assessment and critical incident debriefing.
  • Development – vocational assessment, family enrichment retreats and life enrichment seminars.

Resources in Spiritual Formation
Palmetto Health Counseling's Resources in Spiritual Formation emphasizes the relationship between spirituality and health, particularly the role of prayer and meditation in one’s overall spiritual, physical and psychological wellbeing.

We offer retreats, seminars, workshops and prayer days for churches, volunteer organizations, businesses and other community groups. Primary areas of emphasis are Spirituality and HealthSpiritual Guidance, and the Life of Prayer.

Additional specific areas of interest include:

  • Spirituality and Health – including aging, building relationships, communication skills, conflict management, living a consonant life in harmony with self, others and God, marriage and family, personal growth, stress management and work integrity.
  • The Art and Discipline of Spiritual Guidance – including the dynamics of spiritual formation, individual and group spiritual guidance (direction), discernment (discovering God’s will for my life), prayer as presence and praxis as social justice.
  • Prayer and Spirituality – formative reading of sacred scripture and the spiritual classics, history of Christian spirituality, spirituality in a diverse culture, world spiritualities, centering prayer, Christian meditation and contemplation.