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Resident (2013–2014)


Shadi Al-Jureidini, PharmD 

My name is Shadi Al-Jureidini.  I obtained a B.S. in biology at Loyola University Chicago.  Through the opportunities available at Loyola, I learned how pharmacists can significantly impact the health care of their patients.  The direct patient care that pharmacists provide and the relationships they build with their patients and other members of the health care profession drew me towards this career path.  After completing my undergraduate education, I attended pharmacy school at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy.  During my last year of pharmacy school I completed a rotation in pediatric pharmacy.  It was at this rotation that I experienced the dedication and passion of health care professionals, as well as their commitment to the care of their patients.  Upon completion of the pediatric rotation, I knew I wanted to practice in a pediatric pharmacy setting.

I pursued my interest in pediatrics during my PGY-1 residency at SSM St. Mary’s Health Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  After reviewing the options for a PGY-2 specialty residency in pediatrics, I knew that I wanted to complete a PGY-2 specialty residency at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.  The pharmacy staff was very friendly, and the same dedication and passion that I experienced during my pharmacy school rotation resonated even louder at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. 

In my free time, I play guitar, drums, and spend time with my cat.  I also skateboard, jog, and lift weights when I have the time.  I have played drums in too many bands to count and I was the guitarist for a pharmacy school band.

Past Residents

Andrew Gainey, PharmD (2012–2013)
Neonatal Intensive Care Pharmacist
Palmetto Health Children's Hospital
Columbia, South Carolina

Ean Miller, PharmD (2011-2012)
Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
Cook Children's Hospital
Fort Worth, Texas

Jaime Walker, PharmD, BCPS (2010–2011)
Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
Children's National Medical Center
Washington, DC

Terra Varner, PharmD (2009–2010)
Pediatric Intensive Care Pharmacist
Palmetto Health Children's Hospital
Columbia, South Carolina