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Policy Manual


The policies contained in this manual constitute guiding processes for operation of the continuing medical education accreditation program and for activities as an accredited provider of CME activities. Both accreditation and provider activities are based on the Essential Areas of CME of the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education.

Policies are intended to guide forms of action or clarify issues and are based on ACCME directed requirements, the dictates of experience and directives of the Board of Trustees.

In the absence of policy in situations or on matter where direction is needed, ACCME rules shall apply as the discretion of the CME Committee/CME Council. Policies contained may be revised to accommodate immediate needs.

Download the entire Current Policy Manual.

Table of Contents

       0.3 Introduction

       0.4 What is CME?

       0.5 Attestation of Policies and Procedures Compliance

1.0 Purpose And Mission    

2.0 Needs Assessment   

3.0 Objectives      

4.0 Planning/Design     

5.0 Evaluation    

6.0 Regularly Scheduled Conference

7.0 CME Committee Membership and Responsibilities

8.0 Criteria for Category 1 Credit Designation

9.0 Attendance and Record Keeping

10.0 Required Documentation for CME Activity File

11.0 Commercial Support

12.0 Joint Sponsorship

13.0 Enduring Materials

14.0 Staff Development

15.0 Verification Of Verbal Disclosure

16.0 Testing

17.0 Speaker Honoraria

18.0 Identifying And Resolving Conflicts Of Interest

19.0 Internet CME Activities

19.5 Privacy Policy

20.0 Accreditation Statements

21.0 Quality Improvement

22.0 Internet Policy

23.0 American Disabilities Act