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Learning Experiences


Clinical Experience

 July  Orientation
 August  Medical Intensive Care (CORE)
 September  Medical Intensive Care (CORE)
 October  Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care (CORE)
 November  Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care (CORE)
 December  Midyear Clinical Meeting / Elective
 January  Pediatric Intensive Care (CORE)
 February  Antimicrobial Stewardship and Support Team(CORE)
 March  Elective 
 April Cardiovascular Intensive Care (CORE)
 May Elective
 June Elective 

Longitudinal (CORE)
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Teaching Experiences (Academician Preparation Program) – South Carolina College of Pharmacy
  • Projects and Presentations
  • Central Distribution and Staffing
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Cardiology (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Drug Information
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Medical Stepdown/Surgical Stepdown Units
  • Informatics
Resident Requirements
  • Central Operations – every 4th weekend  (Saturday and Sunday day shift)
  • Complete one (1) major project in critical care with departmental impact to be presented at the Southeastern Residency Conference (SERC).
  • Provide a minimum of 2 ACPE accredited Continuing Education programs to the department.
  • One (1) publication submission to a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Initiate and conduct a minimum of four (4) journal club discussions.
  • Actively participate on MUE and P&T Committees.
  • Co-precept Introductory and Advanced Clinical Pharm.D. candidates.
  • Participate in the Academician Preparation Program sponsored by the South Carolina College of Pharmacy.
  • Provide one (1) didactic lecture to SCCP students in the area of critical care.