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Become a Personal Touch Volunteer

Ready to become a Palmetto Health Personal Touch Volunteer? Below are the steps to get started.

  1. Submit your volunteer application
  2. We contact the references listed on your application
  3. We schedule an interview with you upon receipt of two reference questionnaires
  4. Once accepted, you must attend the Personal Touch Volunteer Training Course (offered four times per year), and complete required health work
  5. We schedule an interview with the nurse manager of the unit of your choice
  6. You obtain a photo identification badge and purchase your uniform
  7. You spend one or two shifts with experienced volunteers
  8. You begin your weekly shift as a new Personal Touch volunteer  

Because of the unusual opportunity for volunteers to provide hands-on care as members of the patient care team, the qualifying process is exacting. Please understand that completion of each of these steps is required to ensure all regulations are met and every consideration is given for the safety of our patients and volunteers alike.

Please call 803-296-5570 for information on our next Personal Touch training course

*You also must attend the Palmetto Health Hospital Corporate Orientation which is offered every Monday from 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. at the Greystone Blvd. location.This must be completed before you can attend the Personal Touch Training.

College students are considered for June and September training months only.

To become a Palmetto Health Volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Application.

For more information about our volunteer programs, please call:

  • Palmetto Health Baptist - 803-296-5520
  • Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge - 803-907-1501
  • Palmetto Health Richland - 803-434-6242

Training Documents:

Personal Touch Volunteer Training Manual

HELP Volunteer Training Manual – 2014 NICE

NICHE Handouts

The Art of Communication

Grief and Loss for Personal Touch Volunteers

Personal Touch Volunteer HELP Manual Presentations

HELP Volunteer / Delirium Presentation

Delirium Brochure