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After Surgery

Surgery is Behind You.

Remember, the Total Joint Center manager is an excellent resource for you throughout your recovery and will work with you to arrange any additional services you may need. Working as your personal partner, the Total Joint Center manager will help you complete questionnaires about how you are doing before and after surgery and, following recovery.

After Surgery

After surgery, therapy begins in the hospital and continues when you return home. Because most patients experience some pain immediately following surgery, our team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and therapists has developed a pain management regime using national best practice standards to help control pain. Some discomfort is expected during the recovery phase. Pain control is an important part of recovery and allows rehabilitation to begin as quickly as possible after surgery. Proper pain management improves mobility and enables patients to participate in therapy and daily care activities, thereby resulting in a faster recovery period. On average, joint replacement surgery patients are hospitalized for three to four days. The Total Joint Center manager will make sure that plans for your successful recovery are communicated to all of your medical team before, during and after you leave the hospital.


Before you arrive at the hospital for surgery, the Total Joint Center manager will make sure everything is in place for your post-operative rehabilitation. You probably will seek outpatient physical therapy at an affiliated site or in your own home through a home care service. We have shared our treatment philosophies and procedures with facilities within and outside the Columbia area. We will guide you toward therapists who understand our methods and will work with you to achieve optimal joint function. While in the hospital, patients walk in the hallway as part of their physical therapy routine. Historic Columbia Walking Tour medallions are placed at 25 foot intervals in the halls so you can chart your progress. At each marker there is a framed photo of one of Columbia's historic landmarks with a descriptive caption. Images were provided by Historic Columbia Foundation. You can get a history lesson while you improve. Ask about becoming a Historic Columbia Walking Tour guide for others undergoing joint replacement. Our volunteer program is very helpful to those that are going through what you have already experienced. Motivation is key to recovery. Who better than you to help another to be successful in regaining their full participation in life's activities.

Group Rehab

Group exercise classes are held two times a day on the Total Joint Center floor. Our experience has shown that twice-daily rehab, as opposed to the conventional once-a-day regimen, makes recovery easier. The classes focus on education related to anticoagulant therapy, home health care and daily activities including getting in and out of the bed, bathroom, shower and car.