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Preparing for Surgery

Palmetto Health Total Joint Center wants ensure your procedure and recovery go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. As a total joint patient, you and your “coach,” or family members, are part of your own “care team,” so it is important that you understand the surgery and rehab process as well as your role in the process. When you are scheduled for total joint surgery, you will receive a patient education manual that includes:

  • Detailed diagrams
  • Information about surgery and recovery
  • Descriptions and diagrams of rehabilitation exercises

Total Joint Pre-Operative Class
Prior to surgery, you and your “coach” should attend a pre-operative class that explains:

  • How to prepare for joint replacement surgery
  • What to expect during the hospital stay
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Discharge planning

Call the Total Joint Center manager at 803-434-4016 to register for class.

Our patients report a 75% improvement in their pain, motion and function following their total joint replacement surgery.

We recognize that the main reason that you have a knee or hip replacement is to decrease your pain and increase your activity level. We perform over 1,000 joint replacements each year and believe that it is important to measure the outcome of these surgeries as it relates to your pain and function.

 Overall, patients at the Palmetto Health Total Joint Center report a 75 percent improvement in their pain, motion and function following their total joint replacement surgery. While we are proud of our outcomes at the Total Joint Center, we continue to work with our team of surgeons to further improve the results of our patients' experience.