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Genetic Counseling

Through the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Department of OB/GYN, Division of Genetics a wide range of services are provided to South Carolina physicians and their patients, specifically genetic counseling and laboratory services. Genetic counseling services available include:

  • Prenatal counseling for advanced maternal age, positive multiple marker screening [screen positive for Down syndrome, screen positive for Neural Tube Defect (NTD), and screen positive for Trisomy 18] family history of genetic disorder, and potential teratogenic exposures
  • Preconception genetic counseling and analysis of risk factors 
  • Infertility genetic counseling for couples experiencing infertility or multiple pregnancy losses
  • Cancer genetic counseling for individuals at high risk for breast, ovarian, colon and other cancers
  • Coordination of testing with outside laboratories for patients with rare disorders

 A full list of services, patient information sheets, referral information, laboratory request forms, and contact information are available on the USC Clinical Genetics website. The Division of Genetics also houses the Master of Science Genetic Counseling Program offered through the University of South Carolina.