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Specialty Programs

Home Health Services provides the following specialty programs...

  • Diabetic Program – Services provided for the newly diagnosed or the hard to manage diabetic patient include instruction in insulin administration, glucose monitoring, diabetic diet, wound care and lower extremity care.
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Services – A team of pediatric nurses and physical, occupational and speech therapists provide care for the specialized needs of newborns and children with a broad range of diagnoses.
  • Women's Health & Maternity Services – Care is provided by a maternal/child nurse for women with pregnancy-induced diagnoses and for women needing post-surgical care.
  • Wound Care/Ostomy – An enterostomal therapy nurse provides treatment and consultation on ostomy care and wound healing.
  • Infusion Services – High-tech nurses provide care for patients receiving chemotherapy, antibiotics, hydration and nutritionals.
  • PATH (Planned Approach to HomeCare) – PATH patients have a potentially life-limiting illness and are not candidates for hospice services. Because of their medical condition they may choose to continue to receive curative treatment.