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Palmetto SeniorCare is different from any other kind of health care program. It is a complete (all-inclusive) health care program that offers a more personal way for frail elders to receive health care. Palmetto SeniorCare provides participants with many kinds of care either directly or by contractual relationship. A participant's personal care team will work with the participant and family members to decide what services best meet his or her needs. Palmetto SeniorCare provides a range of services 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year. Services may include the following...

  • Primary and Specialty Medical Care – Palmetto SeniorCare provides direct physician services. Primary care services are provided by Palmetto SeniorCare physicians. In addition, a variety of medical and surgical specialists are available to assure that all of the participant's healthcare needs are met.
  • Women's Care Specialist Services are available when needed.
  • Outpatient Medical Services – Outpatient services such as laboratory tests, X-rays, and other tests are provided as part of Palmetto SeniorCare's program. Prescribed medicines, artificial limbs, durable medical equipment, vision care, psychiatric care and hearing services are available when needed.
  • Hospital Patient Care – Hospital services are provided by Palmetto Health Richland. These include a broad range of semi-private medical, surgical, intensive care and coronary care programs, and testing and support services required for appropriate care.
  • Home Health Care – This special set of services provided in the home includes skilled nursing and doctor visits; physical, occupational and speech therapy; medical social services; home health aide; homemaker/chore assistance; and home delivered meals.
  • Nursing Home Care – Nursing home services include semi-private room and board, doctor's visits, medical social services, and medical supplies and appliances.
  • Health-Related Services – Transportation, escort services and help with financial management are available.
  • Adult Day Healthcare – Services such as nursing, social work, physical, occupational and speech therapy, nutritional and personal care are provided in our community-based centers. There also are meals and snacks, and recreational and social activities. Transportation is provided.

Palmetto SeniorCare recognizes that older people often have medical problems that last for long periods of time and need services from several different sources. All services offered through Palmetto SeniorCare are planned and authorized through an inter-disciplinary team. The team assesses each participant individually, develops and implements the care plan, and monitors progress, modifying the plan as necessary. Implementation is carried out through a combination of direct service by the program and contractual arrangements with community health providers. The program focuses on preventive care, maintenance of functional abilities, and the early recognition and treatment of changes that can signal major problems.

Access to a holistic care plan through Palmetto SeniorCare results in less frequent hospitalization and decreased dependency on medications. This leads to a healthier and better quality of life for participating seniors because fewer healthcare resources are needed, so care is not as costly and participants can spend quality time enjoying one another and the activities of the centers.

Palmetto SeniorCare emphasizes what the person can accomplish. The key is the "participant." The program encourages individuals to become more involved in the world around them by participating in a variety of support services.

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Frequently, families become frustrated with the responsibilities of providing around-the-clock supervision and support to a loved one. The emphasis often tends to be more on what the elderly can no longer do rather than on what they can do. The primary goal of Palmetto SeniorCare is to help participants remain active in their families and community, as long as it is socially, medically and economically feasible.

Financed through Medicare and Medicaid, the program is able to pool funding sources to provide care based on the needs of individuals and not re-imbursement guidelines for traditional fee for service payment sources.

Once enrolled in the program, all services are provided by Palmetto SeniorCare rather than by individual providers under the traditional fee-for-service system. If the participant is eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid, Palmetto SeniorCare takes the place of the standard Medicare and/or Medicaid programs. This is made possible through a special agreement Palmetto SeniorCare has with Medicare and Medicaid. The only payment made by Medicare and/or Medicaid for the care the participant needs will be one payment each month to Palmetto SeniorCare.