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Services for Clergy & Churches

In addition to providing care to individuals in need, Palmetto Health Chaplaincy and Pastoral Education Department also provides services to pastors and churches in the following ways:

  • Liaison to Local Clergy
  • Church Education
  • Clinical Pastoral Education Residency and Internship Programs

Liaison to Local Clergy

The Chaplaincy office functions as a liaison between churches and their congregants who are hospitalized. 

Church Education

Pastoral Education is offered by the entire Chaplaincy and Pastoral Education staff for local clergy and congregations in the form of workshops, seminars, and retreats led in a variety of settings and formats. Training topics addressed by two of our staff members are:


 Irene Albritton, Director 

 Anna Nobeck-Revels

 • Grief Issues • Anticipatory Grief
 • Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline  • Complicated Bereavement
 • Mid-Life Transition  • Ethics and Education
 • Vales of Supervision for Pastors  • How Adults Learn
 • Women's Development Issues  • How to Develop Grief Support

 • Sexuality Issues in Male-Female

• How to Make a Hospital Visit
 • Ministry to People with AIDS  • Videos as a Medium of Theological
 • Pastoral Care and HIV Disease  • Anger: Learning to Handle It
 • Pastoral Care and Heart Disease
 • Spiritual Care of the Dying
 • The Spirituality of Education
 • Tasks of Grief

 • Your Own Grief History as a 
   Resource in Your Ministry

Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a program that integrates theological and professional education for ministry in a clinical setting. This program is open to seminary graduates, those in the midst of their theological education, ordained clergy of varied faith traditions, and qualified lay people. During this program students will provide ministry to people in crisis, grief, and other situations involving suffering. While conducting ministry the student will also be closely supervised individually and in a group setting by certified CPE supervisors. In this setting the student will have the opportunity to improve upon their pastoral skills. As the student participates in group and individual supervision he or she will learn to integrate behavioral science methodology with their own personal history and spirituality.

Palmetto Health is an accredited training center through Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) to offer both levels of CPE (CPE and Supervisory CPE). Our CPE program is the second largest program in the Southeast. We offer two full-time stipend programs; a year-long residency program for first and second year chaplain residents, and an 11-week chaplain intern summer program. We also offer part-time, or Extended, CPE programs in several locations throughout the state. The Extended programs meet one day per week and allow parish clergy and lay leaders to participate in CPE around issues from their parish and from work in the hospital setting. For more information, click here.