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SC Healthcare Quality Trust

SC Healthcare Quality Trust is a "first in the nation" hospital performance improvement alliance between Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC), the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA), and Premier established to research causes of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and identify and promote best practices and processes for prevention. The goal is to improve patient outcomes eliminating preventable infections and minimizing the cost of these harmful events, and in so doing, become a national model for improving healthcare quality. The Trust will identify and implement solutions that can be applied by all of the state's hospitals, thereby making a positive impact on all South Carolinians and the cost of healthcare while becoming a national leader in healthcare quality.

This unique, statewide initiative leverages the research and clinical capital of HSSC, the membership of SCHA, which stands to benefit from the findings/best practices that result from the partnership, and Premier's proven tools and services that will support the research and translation of the findings to South Carolina's hospitals.

Palmetto Health is a member of each of the three collaborating partners. Dr. Michael S. Stinson, Palmetto Health's Vice President for Quality, is chair of the effort.