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Medical Programs Overview

Our Commitment to Service: The Medical Programs

Palmetto SeniorCare is our nationally celebrated managed care program for the frail elderly. A member of the nationally renowned Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). The PACE model is centered around the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with ch ronic care needs and their families to be served in the community whenever possible. Palmetto SeniorCare allows participants to live at home while attending one of five PACE centers in Richland and Lexington Counties. This program  is a long term care option for those seeking a community based alternative to institutional care is a community-based program of all-inclusive care for frail seniors. The program provides all medical care and support services to its enrollees. 

Eligibility Requirements for Palmetto SeniorCare:

  • Be 55 years or older
  • Reside in Richland/Lexington County
  • Have health/functional problems that qualify for nursing home level of care (we will provide assessment to determine)
  • Willing and able to be safely maintained in the community.

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Senior Primary Care Practice is a primary care medical practice that serves ONLY Medicare-eligible patients age 65 and older. It offers a proactive approach to health by providing primary care and support services, as needed.

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Center for Senior Hypertension provides a comprehensive approach to controlling hypertension. Physicians and nurses provide clinical care with a multi-disciplinary team instructing classes to encourage lifestyle changes. The Center for Senior Hypertension also provides community education on hypertension and free blood pressure screenings.

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Memory Care Clinic of the Senior Primary Care Practice is a specialized program that assesses memory and other cognitive problems. The program is comprised of professionals, who are experienced in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of conditions related to memory loss. This service is provided as part of an overall geriatric consultation conducted by the healthcare team of the Senior Primary Care Practice.

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SeniorSMART Learn about the SeniorSMARTTM initiative. The South Carolina Center of Economic Excellence (CoEE), is helping turn those "what if" scenarios into reality. SeniorSMARTTM is the nation's only comprehensive research hub focusing on ways to maintain and improve seniors' intellectual activity, in-house safety and functionality, and mobility inside and outside the home.

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